()Do you know that feeling where it's like
()Everyone around you is just incapable of saying anything appealing
()Like anything at all.
&&Are you sure you're not having some kind of ego crisis.
()What gives you that idea
&&Well, typically, when you're extremely unsatisfied with people/things/ideas/posts/statements
()Can you please get to the point
()And not break out the thesaurus for more words that mean the exact same thing
&&What I'm saying is that you might be the problem, you know.
&&I'm just saying that there's a very low possibility that EVERYONE around you is saying nothing of value.
&&I think maybe you're just in a shit mood or there's something bothering you and you don't know how to deal with it.
()Is this therapy hour now
&&You asked, I responded.
()I think I will log off and take a nap or something
&&Dream of good posts and a more sufferable self.
()Hahahahahaahhaa good one king of comedy
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