()You know I was thinking about how you replied the other day
()Why did you say "ego crisis"
()Isn't there a better term for that?

&&I may have misremembered it and substituted whatever sounded correct at the time, sure.
&&Though I still believe it's not entirely uncorrect.
&&Your ego could still play a part in thinking that things around you are terrible posts, you know.
&&Not that I'm saying you were saying that you're better than everyone around you.
&&But the brain is a weird organ.

()Emotions make no sense to me, really
&&I think a lot of people struggle with emotions.
()A lot of people like majority of people or like, a lot of people like us
&&Both, I think.
&&You have to remember that people don't want to admit they don't understand how they feel.
&&Or in some cases, admit that they're feeling /something/ at all.
&&It's how you get things like unrequited love explosions.

()The way you refer to that makes it seem like a much more entertaining thing to watch than what it often ends up being
&&What's a more fitting term?
&&"You won't date me so I hate you" syndrome?

()Too on the nose
()I can't come up with anything better though so
()I guess your term makes the most sense

&&Anyway, it's a good example.
&&You should always try to be in check with your emotions.

()You know I logged in today to ask you about cyberdeck stuff but I ended up getting emotional counseling again instead
&&I can answer that too.
()Nah, I don't have time now
&&Next time, then.
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