()I saw this person the other day at the store and they made me think of you
()She just spoke like you do
$*i don't think we've ever spoken
()Typed, whatever, you know what I mean
$*and what about the way she spoke made you think of the way i type
()She called me an idiot under her breath because I missed the card swipe
()And she had this really quiet voice
()Like her natural speaking level is a whisper

$*i absolutely would call you an idiot for missing the card swipe

()That's rude
$*i don't really think it's rude
$*it's pretty hard to miss a card swipe unless you're blind or something
$*you're not blind are you
$*this would be really awkward if you turned out to be blind

$*oh so you are just an idiot then
()Again, that's very rude to say
$*well, it could have been worse
$*imagine if the second time you swiped you didn't have enough credits on it
$*that'd be so embarrassing

()Has this happened to you before?
SYSTEM // $* disconnected - CONNECTION CLOSED \\
SYSTEM // $* connected \\
()Bit dramatic, don't you think?
$*you're just being mean
()Oh so it's fine for you to call me an idiot, but I can't metaphorically swing back?
$*chivalry is dead
()I'm not even a man anyway
$*you never told me
()You never asked
$*well i'm asking now
$*if you want to answer that is

()Can we go back to the woman at the store?
()She speaks like she's afraid of people hearing her
()Bit defeatist of the purpose of speaking in the first place, you know

$*i do not speak and/or type like that
()I dunno, I always imagined you speaking with a low voice like you know the things you say are mean but you say them anyway
$*i think mean is an exaggeration
$*i don't think i would say these things out loud to a stranger though
$*i'd probably silently judge them
$*that sounds more like me
$*to me at least
$*oh shit
$*it's late, i need to shower and get to bed

()See you
$*don't miss the card swipe next time

SYSTEM // $* disconnected - LOGOUT \\

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