()This cyberdeck is a piece of shit
&&Let me guess.
&&You got a second-hand one.
&&Either ordered off the internet or at some used electronics store.

()Well yeah
()You think I have the money to buy a brand new one?

&&I would have sent you one if you expressed any interest before the last time we spoke.
&&I'd still send you one if you really want.

()Only if I can't get this one working
&&What's the deal.

()It shocked me when I tried to jack in
&&That shit can kill you, you know.

()I know
()Do you know why it might do that though

&&Current could be too strong.
&&Could also just have internal components that were modified and eventually fucked up from overuse.
&&If you can open it up you should see if the conductor looks damaged.

()What's it look like?
&&It'll be hard to miss.
&&It's like a big black solid block with wires going in and out.

&&What'd you order it for anyway?
()I want to play around with virtual environments and stuff
&&Like just to build stuff in?

()Maybe, Probably, Maybe, No.

&&Hey, you never know.
&&I once met this guy who uses his cyberdeck solely for the purpose of simulating board games and stuff.

()Like chess?
&&More too.
&&Not roleplaying stuff but you know things like Monopoly and shit.

()That's weird
()But kind of cool.

&&I agree.
&&He'd just proxy connect like 5 different dummy connections and have these huge boards and pieces.
&&Like 6 feet tall pawns in chess.

()People with lots of spare time are nuts
()Like, in a good way you know

&&Anyway, yeah. The conductor might be fried.
&&And don't forget to make your own skin for your 3D model, by the way.
&&If you can even get that piece of shit working.

()How hard is it
&&Not very.
&&It used to be a lot more annoying, way before they were commonplace tools.
&&Very hack-y and weird.
&&Even custom user models aren't too tough nowadays.
&&Animations might be a bit tougher to do though.

()I'll keep it in mind
()I will try not to fry myself, see you

&&Send me your address if you end up needing one.
&&You just have to promise me one favor.

()What favor?
&&Let me make your skin.
()No way man, you'll make me a fucking freak
&&Promise I won't.
SYSTEM // () disconnected - LOGOUT \\

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