&&Is your keyboard broken or something?
&&I have no idea if you're even reading this but you've done nothing but fill these lines with the letter F.
&&Both capital and lowercase.

()OK Fuck
()I was actually trying to hook into the client while jacked into the cyberdeck
()What exactly did you get in those messages

&&Two lines of the letter F in lowercase, then 2 lines of it in uppercase, for like 20 or 30 characters or so.
&&Maybe a bit more.

()Alright I guess that means the input is just broken
()I was just trying to send stuff like "Hi can you read this, is it sending properly"

&&I assume since you're talking to me and tried to communicate through it, that you managed to fix the conductor?
&&Or you bought another piece of shit and it's broken in a different way?

()I cut out some fried wires that were going into the conductor and spliced some new ones in its place
&&That is incredibly dangerous.
&&I'm really surprised you didn't end up making it an even higher voltage shock.

()I'm not a complete idiot
()Anyway, I guess I have to open it up again and figure out what the input components are.
&&That will be a real pain.
&&They're all very small and easily misplaced or broken.

()God damnit.
&&I'm just going to send you one before you fucking kill yourself.
&&It is not worth letting you risk your life to fix that piece of shit.
&&Give me your address.

// File Upload - Contact_details.txt - 2.0 kB \\
&&Is there a reason you keep it all in plain text?
()I have cards for in-person exchange
()And I don't really see a need to make it fancy or anything

&&I think it's just laziness.
()Come on
()You can call me an idiot and clumsy and whatever
()But I really don't think you can call me lazy for not making a fancy contact sharing template when no one really even uses them

&&I just think you're lazy regardless.
()Whatever dude
&&I'm just teasing.
()It's not easy to tell
&&Well, I'm sorry then.
&&Maybe I should work on my tone.

()I'm just frustrated
()I really wanted to just get this thing working on my own
()But I'm just going to end up killing myself if I keep going like this
()You're right.

&&I would be of a different opinion if it was not something that could quite literally kill you in an instant.
&&And I would like to avoid having one of my friends fry their brain.


&&That puts me at ease, thank you.
&&I'll send this off before I go to sleep.
&&Shouldn't take too long to get there.

()I'm going to go ice my hand
()Talk to you later or tomorrow or something probably I dunno

&&Did you burn yourself?
&&How? Is that where your port is?

()I burned it on one of those fried wires because I didn't unplug the deck before opening it up

&&You are really fucking lucky you aren't dead right now.
()I know.
&&I don't think you do.
()Please don't lecture me any more
&&I really need you to not touch that piece of shit anymore.
&&Please promise me you won't.

()I promise.

&&I'll see you next time.

SYSTEM // () disconnected - LOGOUT \\

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