><are you there
><please answer if you are!!
><who am i kidding....
><i thought for sure you wouldn't answer me
$*why would you think that?
><no one has been answering me recently
><and it's not because of system errors or connection errors or whatever
><it's like they're avoiding me entirely
><everyone i know!
><it's very distressing!!
><i've sent you like, i don't know
><5 messages at various times the last few days
><and i'm only just now getting a response!!
$*i've seen none of them until just now
$*are you sure you actually sent anything
><i am one million percent certain that i sent those messages
><and again, no errors
><i do not know what is going on
$*i don't either
><are you sure??
$*why would i lie
$*or purposefully avoid you
$*do you think i'm doing that?
><i don't know!!
><i'm just left with no other alternative explanation
><as i said before, it has been quite distressing and not a fun time
$*are you sure there's nothing wrong with your computer
$*or your deck?
$*i have no idea what you actually use most of the time when you're online
><i'm using a deck most of the time recently
$*what's the reason?
><the virtual space has become more desirable than meatspace as of recent
><and don't send me some one word reply like "weird" please...
><it is not weird
><it's more weird to be someone who isn't using a deck at this point in time
$*it may not be weird but i think it's smarter to not be someone constantly jacked in
$*i don't know, like
$*it rubs me the wrong way
><have you even bothered trying it??
$*well, yeah
><it was more convenient right??
$*not for me personally
$*but i can imagine it would be more convenient once you get into the whole like
$*damn i don't have to do anything with my physical body i can just think
$*but also the fact that if that deck fucking malfunctions you're probably a vegetable for the rest of your life
$*or you just die
$*that's something I would personally file in the "not good" pile.
><it's the same principle as you know
><not sticking your hand in your computer's fan blades??
><i'm not really in the mood for this debate though
$*did you have anything to bring up other than trying to solve your mysterious communication issues
><i had a dream that i wanted to talk about
><i never wrote it down and it was a few days ago
$*that's a shame
><if i remember it i'll message you
><you don't have to be so sarcastic!!
><or act like you dread every interaction!!
><the too cool for everything act gets old you know
$*did i even bring up the fact that your communication issue might be because you were sending from a deck
><but also like
$*come on
$*you're not going to just write off the possibility of it being because of the deck
$*or would that go against your deck shilling purposes
><well one, i'm not writing it off, i said i didn't want to have this debate like 20 messages ago or something
><and two, that's a bit rude
$*and calling me "too good for everything" doesn't also fit the definition of rude
><i'm sorry i guess
$*maybe i should tweak my behavior anyway
><it might be nice
$*i've got to go
$*i'll see you at some other point, assuming your deck doesn't decide you shouldn't be able to message me again
><oh ha ha...
SYSTEM // $* disconnected - LOGOUT \\

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